Dr. Yew Kam Keong


Dr Yew Kam Keong (popularly known as Dr. YKK) helps companies to fast-track their innovation with minimum risk and using the least expenditure, time, effor and resources. His trademarked 7-Step structure methodology is  possibly the most powerful and most effective innovation system in the world as it taps into the global brain. It has proven to bring tangible and measureable benefits to his  clients in improved profits and performance.

Dr YKK is an international speaker, trainer consultant and author and has conducted creativity workshops in several countries such as Australia, UK, Mauritius, India, China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. He has served the toy company, Lego on its pioneer 8-member panel of international creativity experts for its global project "The Next Generation Forum".

Dr YKK has over 24 years of working experience with the Malaysian Government, holding diverse roles in SIRIM, the Ministry of Science, Technology & the Environment and MIGHT, a special unit of the Prime Minister's Department. In 1999, he left the government to set up Mindbloom Conslting, his own innovation consulting practise with himself as the Chief Mind Unzipper.

 Dr YKK has written and published 9 books on creativity. His best selling book (reprinted 16 times), "You Are Creative – Let Your Creativity Bloom" has been published in five languages. It has received the endorsements of CEOs, professionals, managers, students, teachers, parents and other prominent personalities from all over the world.

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