5 Keys Intellectual Property Right That Every Inventor Should Know

Do you know most people that register for Intellectual Property protection do not fully understand the basics of IP?
In this webinar, we will explain a few basics on Intellectual Property such as:
I) The 5 main IP available
ii) How to determine which IP is suitable for you as a researcher or a business owner
iii) The importance of seeking IP protection

There will be an in-depth explanation on what happens if someone copies your ideas and what you can do with IP rights. You can also learn how to expand your business and profit through Intellectual Property.

Interested to learn how? Register now and don’t miss out on this opportunity! There will also be a free gift at the end of the webinar so stay tuned!

• Who should attend?
– Technopreneurs
– Entrepreneurs
– Business Owners
– Corporate and SMEs
– Universities and Research Institutions

• Key takeaway from this webinar:
– Gain more INSIGHTS about Intellectual Property strategies.
– Grow your PROFITS & MARKET SHARE with Intellectual Property Rights
– Learn how to search and protect technological solutions with patent
– Gain Competitive Advantage & confidence in the patentability of your inventions

Presenter profile:
• Mr. Lok Choon Hong

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