AIPO X ITEX Pitch For Fund 2023



Join us at AIPO X ITEX PITCH FOR FUND on 12th May 2023 from 10:30am – 12:30pm at Event Square, KLCC (Subject to Change).

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Event Details:
Date: 12th May 2023 (Friday)
Venue : Event Square at KLCC (Subject to Change)
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Register here:

P2P Basic Workshop_21 March 2024_Banner
  • Introduction to patent
  • What is a Patent?
  • Why do you need a Patent?
  • Case Study: How to build IP Assets?
  • Activity: What is your Patent Strategy Canvas

Break and Discussion – Which area in your business will benefit from patent

  • Introduction to Triz
  • How to Innovate Triz Inventive Principles
  • Case Study: Company that successfully apply TRIZ and example of how it helped to create new business, save cost, grow business
  • Activity: What is your Triz Strategy?

Discussion and Exercise: Apply TRIZ to create idea in your business

  • Introduction to Patented Technology
  • Case Study: Successful IP/Technology Commercialisation Case Studies From Malaysia
  • Activity: Plan your Roadmap of IP/Technology Commercialisation

Workshop and Discussion: Having a working group session to start draft patent (Generic)

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