Angel Investing 101 in collaboration with Digital Penang



DATE: 18 JUNE 2021



Planning to invest in early stage startups but don’t know how?

Taking the plunge and trying to get into angel investing is not easy. There’s a lot to learn, even if you do have experience buying and selling stocks or other investments.

Our Angel Investing 101 webinar gives you a simple introduction and guidance to start your angel investing journey. Learn from angel investors and the tips and tricks to angel investing so you can get started as soon as possible and make the most of your investment dollars.

The webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Attendees will be allowed to ask questions during a Q&A session via chat.

Join us to find out what is angel investing, how to be an angel investor, and what angel investors look for in early stage startups!

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P2P Basic Workshop_21 March 2024_Banner
  • Introduction to patent
  • What is a Patent?
  • Why do you need a Patent?
  • Case Study: How to build IP Assets?
  • Activity: What is your Patent Strategy Canvas

Break and Discussion – Which area in your business will benefit from patent

  • Introduction to Triz
  • How to Innovate Triz Inventive Principles
  • Case Study: Company that successfully apply TRIZ and example of how it helped to create new business, save cost, grow business
  • Activity: What is your Triz Strategy?

Discussion and Exercise: Apply TRIZ to create idea in your business

  • Introduction to Patented Technology
  • Case Study: Successful IP/Technology Commercialisation Case Studies From Malaysia
  • Activity: Plan your Roadmap of IP/Technology Commercialisation

Workshop and Discussion: Having a working group session to start draft patent (Generic)

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