Drafting Of Patent Claims & Statement Of Invention

Module title: Drafting of Patent Claims & Statement of Invention
Patent Drafting Module

-Introduction to the different forms of Intellectual Property Rights and its function
-Understanding the fundamental of patent
dentifying patentable features of an invention
-Determining important points and scope of protection to prepare statement of invention/claim
-Understanding infringement for broad protection of invention in claim drafting

Course content:
Module 1: Fundamentals of Patent for Researchers
Learn How to Identify Patentable Features and Draft Statement of Invention
Overview of the Nature and Functions of Intellectual Property Rights
Patents and Drafting of Patent Claims & Statement of Invention

Module 2: Drafting of Patent Claims & Statement of Invention
Introduction to Patent Claims & Statement
Practical Guide for Drafting Statement of Invention & Claims
Workshop on the drafting of Patent Claim & Statement of Invention
-Exercise in identifying patent features, essential features & optional features

*Statement of Invention: Summarize invention by enumerating all essential steps of the process or by providing all essential features of product or machine so as to define clearly the exclusive right required for economic exploitation of the patent.

Target group: CEO/CTO/ Head of Department for R&D center/ Technology Division /Engineers/ Scientists/ Inventors/ Innovators/Creators

Type of Programme: Practical

Skills area: Intellectual Property

Duration: 7 hours (1-day training)

Training methodology: Online & In-house

Course Fee: RM6,000 (Inclusive of training material and venue)

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