Five Steps to Assert and Enforce Your IP Rights

Intellectual property (IP) is of vital importance because it can provide your business with monopoly rights to your ideas. These rights have value because they have the backing of the law to enforce them if required. While most companies do not need to enforce their rights very often, there are times when it becomes necessary to take a stand. Apart from legal actions in courts, there are several much less costly options, but it does require you to take action.

This webinar explores the main routes you can use to enforce your IP if you think that someone else is encroaching on your IP Rights.

• Why having the right to enforce your IP is so important. 

• What are the actions which constitute infringement. 

• How you can use your IP to create barriers to entry around the scope of your commercial activity without court action. 

• What are the options available if you have to enforce your IP rights.

• What are the IP Enforcement Strategies 

Date: 13/1/2022 (Thursday)

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Venue: via Facebook Live

Presenter: Mr. Eow Khean Fatt

Moderator: Mr. Lok Choon Hong 

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