HICOOL Competition

AIPO is proudly announce our collaboration with GITP Asia for the upcoming HICOOL Competition 2021.

AIPO Angel Investor Club, a grouping of Intellectual Property based NGO, Intellectual Property owners, investors and professionals based in South East Asia Region. We are dedicated to promote the creation, protection and monetization of intellectual property assets. AIPO organizes regular intellectual property workshops and seminars to discuss the latest trends and development in the intellectual property monetisation as well as networking opportunities for investors and intellectual property owners to meet, collaborate and monetise intellectual property assets in the most synergistic manners.

GITP Asia, a company which specializes in providing services related to market access and intellectual property in China. Teaming up with numerous company leaders in technology specialty, GITP Asia evaluates the potential of your innovations in overseas markets especially in China.

We hereby would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your technology members to participate in 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition supported by the Beijing Government.

This competition is a fully virtual event whose application is free of charge.

This contest allows participants to:

  • Pitch to the Chinese investors and relevant Chinese Tech SMEs
  • Understand the incentive policy of the Chinese government for the tech industry and support from the Beijing government for foreign tech projects initiated in Beijing
  • Enter the Chinese market and get connected to the Chinese market where opportunities abound.
  • Total Prizes are up to 100 million Chinese yuan

*Terms and Conditions apply

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