IP Transformation: IP Protection & Monetisation Strategy

Module :

  1. Fundamentals of IP Rights: Legal Requirements & Procedures
  • Patent
  • Trademark,
  • Industrial Design,
  • Copyright,
  • Trade Secret .

2. Functions of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Profit Centre
  • Integrated Role

3. IP Monetisation Strategy for Small & Medium Industry

  • IP Finance: Grant, Loan & Equity
  • IP Structure: Formation of IP Holding Company
  • IP Tax Planning: Royalties Planning & Modified Nexus Status
  • IP Capitalisation: Turn Intangible into Financial Assets
  • IP Valuation:Cost, Market, Income Approach
  • IP Monitoring & Enforcement

4. Strategy Workshop Session

  • What are the critial IP Assets for your company
  • What are the IP Monestisation Strategy you can employ to enhance the corporate value

Type of Programme: Practical

Skills area: Intellectual Property

Duration: 7 hours (1-day training)

Training methodology: Online & In-house

Course Fee: Package A RM6,000 (Inclusive of training material and venue)

Package B RM 1300/pax (In-house), RM 700/pax (Online)


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