🌟Empowerment Through Knowledge: Recap of the Patent 2 Profit Basic Workshop! 🌟


Following the success of our first P2P basic course on July 4th, 2024, we hosted another enlightening Patent 2 Profit Basic Workshop. Participants gained invaluable knowledge on patenting strategies and accessing government grants.

🔍 Dive Deep Into Modules:

1️⃣ Module 1: Patent & Patent Strategy Canvas (3 Hours) - Explore patent case studies and effective strategies for leveraging patents strategically.

2️⃣ Module 2: TRIZ Innovation Methodology (3 Hours) - Dive into TRIZ to enhance innovation capabilities, including exercises to identify Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

3️⃣ Module 3: Monetize Your Patented Technology (2 Hours) - Discover practical methods to commercialize patented technologies, with insights into grant opportunities in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

✨ HRDF Claimable: This workshop is HRDF claimable, promoting continuous learning and professional development.

💻 Check Out Additional Information: For more details and course highlights, visit Patent2Profit_Basic_One Day Workshop.

🙌 Thank You to Our Participants: A big thank you to all enthusiastic participants for contributing to the success of the Patent 2 Profit Basic Workshop! Your active engagement and insightful discussions made a significant impact.

🌟 Stay Tuned: Look forward to our upcoming workshops: P2P Basic Workshop & P2P Advanced Workshop, designed to empower you with knowledge and tools for innovation and technology success.



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