Pintas IP Group Newsletter Autumn Edition 2022

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !
As the moon shines brightest during this season, we here at Pintas hope that the moon surround you and enlighten your way to good health, happiness and prosperity.
We are tremendously grateful for your continuous support throughout these uncertain times. We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful and safe celebration.

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Download Handbook Here

Patent 2 Profit Advanced 3 days workshop
Modules :-
  1. Overview of the Nature and Functions of IP Rights
  2. Patents and Information
  3. Introduction to Patent Claims & Statement of Invention
  4. Practical Guide for Drafting Statement of Invention & Claims
  5. Workshop on Drafting of Patent Claim & Statement of Invention
  1. Understanding Innovation and IP
  2. Idea Creation Workshop
  3. Introduction to TRIZ
  4. Design Conceptualization
  5. Strategic Product Road Mapping
  1. Fundamentals of IP Rights: Legal Requirements & Procedures
  2. Functions of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. IP Monetisation Strategy for Small & Medium Industry (IP Owners)
  4. Strategy Workshop Session : Government Grant Workshop
  • Introduction to patent
  • What is a Patent?
  • Why do you need a Patent?
  • Case Study: How to build IP Assets?
  • Activity: What is your Patent Strategy Canvas

Break and Discussion – Which area in your business will benefit from patent

  • Introduction to Triz
  • How to Innovate Triz Inventive Principles
  • Case Study: Company that successfully apply TRIZ and example of how it helped to create new business, save cost, grow business
  • Activity: What is your Triz Strategy?

Discussion and Exercise: Apply TRIZ to create idea in your business

  • Introduction to Patented Technology
  • Case Study: Successful IP/Technology Commercialisation Case Studies From Malaysia
  • Activity: Plan your Roadmap of IP/Technology Commercialisation

Workshop and Discussion: Having a working group session to start draft patent (Generic)

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