Patent 2 Profit Advanced Workshop

Create, Protect, Monetize

Have you ever dreamed of turning your ideas into a global success, selling others’ products for years, and now envisioning serving customers worldwide, exhibiting internationally, and wondering how to turn those ideas into profit?

Unlocking Borders, Unleashing Potential: Your Ideas in Global Markets with us through the Patent 2 Profit Strategy Course.

In the tech race, your idea kickstarts everything. Turning it into top-notch tech is just the beginning. To maximize your cleverness, follow three simple steps: Create, Protect, Monetize. Here’s what each step does:

Create Technology : Transform your cool ideas into reality by developing technology that solves problems or improves existing solutions. This sets the stage for a future where your idea becomes an integral part of everyday life.

Protect Patent : Once your tech is ready, secure a patent. It grants you exclusive rights, preventing others from using or copying your tech. It acts like a shield, ensuring your unique contribution remains yours.

Monetize IP : With your patent, the world is at your fingertips. License your tech, manufacture products, or collaborate with others. Your intellectual property (IP) becomes a valuable asset, generating revenue for further innovation.

1: Overview of the Nature and Functions of IP Rights
2: Patents and Information
3: Introduction to Patent Claims & Statement of Invention
4: Practical Guide for Drafting Statement of Invention & Claims
5: Workshop on Drafting of Patent Claim & Statement of Invention

1: Understanding Innovation and IP
2: Idea Creation Workshop
3: Introduction to TRIZ
4: Design Conceptualization
5: Strategic Product Road Mapping

1: Fundamentals of IP Rights: Legal Requirements & Procedures
2: Functions of Intellectual Property Rights
3: IP Monetisation Strategy for Small & Medium Industry (IP Owners)
4: Strategy Workshop Session : Government Grant Workshop

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“Securing patents with Patent2Profit gave us a distinct market advantage, enhancing our competitiveness and safeguarding our future. Our market share grew by 18%.”


“Patent2Profit not only protected our intellectual property but also unlocked new revenue streams—impressive results for our bottom line, with a 15% boost in overall profits.”


“P2P’s guidance reshaped our R&D strategy, ensuring our innovations are not just groundbreaking but commercially successful, leading to a 25% increase in successful product launches.”


“Implementing Patent2Profit was a strategic move; our innovations are now safeguarded, resulting in a 20% increase in profitable ventures.”

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We have long standing partnerships with reliable IP professionals in 150 countries to provide solid protection for your Intellectual Property assets throughout the world.

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Successfully filed and protected in 150 countries across the world.


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We are IP TECH

Step into the world of innovation and success with IPTECH!

We are thrilled to introduce Patent 2 Profit, a game-changing course designed specifically for Asian.

At IPTECH, we believe in simplifying the intricate realm of patents, technology, and grants, offering you a seamless journey towards success.

Patent 2 Profit isn’t just a course; it’s your key to unlocking the full potential of your ideas.

With us, navigating the world of intellectual property becomes not only easy but exciting.

Our Workshop

Patent 2 Profit
1 Day Workshop


BASIC | 1 Day Workshop

  • Understand fundamentals of patent and patent strategy canvas to align patent strategy with business strategy.

  • TRIZ innovation methodology to create technology innovation.

  • Learn from successful IP entrepreneurs from Malaysia about IP monetization.

Patent 2 Profit Advanced
3 Days Workshop


Advanced | 3 Days Workshop

  • Create technological innovation with TRIZ based on patent strategy canvas.

  • Search and draft patent claims for technological innovation.

  • Prepare business and technology roadmap for government grant application.

Patent 2 Profit Accelerator
5 Weeks Programme


AIPO | 5 Weeks Programme

  • A proprietary technology fully aligned with your business strategy by leveraging on TRIZ innovation methodology.

  • A patent to safeguard your technological innovations.

  • A business proposal to apply for (seed funding & government grant).

Create, Protect, Monetize:
Your Blueprint for Global Business Success


Embark on Your Blueprint for Global Business Success: Learn How to Create, Protect, and Monetize Your Ideas

Date: 4 July 2024

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (One Day Course)

Duration: 8 Hours

Course Fees: RM1300/pax (Includes Training Materials)

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Mobile : +65-9747 2579 (SG)
Mobile : +6016-285 5770 (MY)
Mobile : +852 5734 7369 (HK)
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  • Introduction to patent
  • What is a Patent?
  • Why do you need a Patent?
  • Case Study: How to build IP Assets?
  • Activity: What is your Patent Strategy Canvas

Break and Discussion – Which area in your business will benefit from patent

  • Introduction to Triz
  • How to Innovate Triz Inventive Principles
  • Case Study: Company that successfully apply TRIZ and example of how it helped to create new business, save cost, grow business
  • Activity: What is your Triz Strategy?

Discussion and Exercise: Apply TRIZ to create idea in your business

  • Introduction to Patented Technology
  • Case Study: Successful IP/Technology Commercialisation Case Studies From Malaysia
  • Activity: Plan your Roadmap of IP/Technology Commercialisation

Workshop and Discussion: Having a working group session to start draft patent (Generic)

Patent 2 Profit Advanced Workshop
Modules :-
  1. Overview of the Nature and Functions of IP Rights
  2. Patents and Information
  3. Introduction to Patent Claims & Statement of Invention
  4. Practical Guide for Drafting Statement of Invention & Claims
  5. Workshop on Drafting of Patent Claim & Statement of Invention
  1. Understanding Innovation and IP
  2. Idea Creation Workshop
  3. Introduction to TRIZ
  4. Design Conceptualization
  5. Strategic Product Road Mapping
  1. Fundamentals of IP Rights: Legal Requirements & Procedures
  2. Functions of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. IP Monetisation Strategy for Small & Medium Industry (IP Owners)
  4. Strategy Workshop Session : Government Grant Workshop

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