We drive IP based businesses to greater height through venture capital investment.
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Target to drive businesses with proprietary technological solutions to greater heights through venture capital investment and acceleration.
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The proliferation of accelerators worldwide has demonstrated for us the immense value of a start-up education and support in the early days of a company.
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AIPO Deep Tech Accelerator Program
AIPO comprises current industrialists with proven market track records.
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"Your trusted Venture Capital Management Corporation (VCMC)"

AIPO Capital is founded by Mr. Joseph Kam and Mr. Lok Choon Hong, who collectively have several decades of experience in entrepreneurship, corporate & investment banking, corporate advisory, IP & Patent protection, and venture capital management.

In May 2018, AIPO Capital extended its management capability and experience through a partnership with the principals of Bangkok Venture Club, one of SEA’s leading Angel Network, and in addition, extended partnership with 8 ASEAN Angel Networks through the ASEAN Angels Alliance.

As the venture capital arm for Alliance of Intellectual Property Owners (AIPO) registered with Security Commission Malaysia, we target to drive businesses with proprietary technological solutions to greater heights through venture capital investment and acceleration.

About AIPO Deep Tech

The proliferation of accelerators worldwide has demonstrated for us the immense value of a start-up education and support in the early days of a company. Over the past decade, the success of accelerator startups, such as AirBnB, Dropbox, Carousell, and etc. has spurred many new entrepreneurs to establish new ventures.

The establishment of AIPO Deep Tech as an accelerator originates with this global vision.

The New Normal

To thrive post pandemic crisis, staying ahead of the technological curve becomes incredibly important. To stay relevant, companies not only need to focus on the short term goal of survival but also with the long term goal of thriving post crisis by riding on the next wave of technological innovation.

Investor Benefits

Investment Opportunity

AIPO Deep Tech prioritizes investing in companies that have a solution and potential ability to solve current problems facing the world. The advanced technologies associated with the revolution represents the future of production that offers unprecedented opportunities for investors.

In fact, all this that come as impact investing show signs of robust growth. For such investment is fundamentally built in generating measurable beneficial social and environmental impacts, that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, public sector leaders, non-profits, and intermediaries to use private capital for good.

In light and beyond is an opportunity to sprout the seed of purpose.

Strategic Focus

We focus our investment in

Internet of Things

Industrial 4.0
Information and communications Technology

Healthcare & Medical

Pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturing & Food

Manufacturing technology

Each portfolio company is typically characterized by

High-growth Potential

Strong Management Team

Large Addressable Market

Unique or Proprietary Product, Service and/or Process

Global Professional Collaboration Network

As a key initiative in the IP ecosystem, we have access to research institutes, universities, and deep technology focused startups and funding networks.

AIPO Deep Tech Accelerator Programme

AIPO is an accelerator programme open to all Malaysian Deep Tech startups.

AIPO comprises current industrialists with proven market track records. With decades of experience crafting and linking proprietary technological solutions to the market, not only will participants be tapping into these industrialists’ marketing expertise to gain market traction quickly, shortlisted participants will be led into subsequent rounds of funding and capital investment from our network.

This programme will be suitable for you and your startup,if you and your startup:

  • Have an innovative technological solution at TRL7, 8, or 9.
  • Are committed to commercialize your proprietary technology solution(s).
  • Need seed funding, industrial insights,mentorship and guidance in developing your business mentorship and guidance in developing your business plans,to craft your product and market fit, and to gain market traction quickly.
  • Intend to synergistically utilize our central resources that come together as part of the programme, e.g.venture builder,workshops,co-working space, mentorship, and etc.
  • Want to grow your network and connect with local and global markets quickly.
  • Want to gain track record and commercialization opportunities for your solutions through AIPO curated sessions to match investors, potential customers and partners with our participants.
Programme introduction and application guidelines
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Startup Support

The deep rooted universal problem faced by all deep technology focused start-ups is how to survive the funding gap in new technology development known as the “valley of death” which tends to appear at the point where a conceptual idea needs to be turned into a working prototype. The right support to help these companies navigate through it can mean all the difference between success and failure.

This leads us to one of the most important features of our fund known as the AIPO Venture Value Added Funding Escalator that provides various type of funding accessible at each designated stages, which is strategically designed to facilitate the process in overcoming the valley of death for our portfolio companies. The core of our funding escalator is the complementary relationship between government funding and business angels funding.

The matchmaking overview

In the preparation phase, the mentees are required to consider their future direction or goals they hope to accomplish through the process and sets expectations which will give them more control over the direction of their career. During this phase, the mentorship committee will help the mentee to understand the purpose, needs, benefits and outlook for the program, along with their respective roles and responsibilities. Concurrently, the mentors will also determine the basic tools and resources our candidates will need and will be provided with, such as the IP Tech co-working space and relevant consultation session for specific needs.

We have considerable experience in managing technology start-ups and their intellectual property strategies. The focus of our accelerator fund would be potential start-ups that strive to drive forward their product technology and aim to strategically exit at Venture Capital level when they are ready to develop their manufacturing technology. Intellectual property rights are therefore the key sources of business competitiveness for these deep technology focused start-ups, for instance, patent registrations for unique technological solutions, trademark registrations for goodwill associated with the venture, copyrights protection for creative contents generated by venture, etc, would be critical for these start-ups to create a unique selling proposition or differentiation in the marketplace that lead to sustainable competitive advantage.   

Our principals of General Partners have spent the last twenty years in understanding the needs of technology focused ventures in Malaysia. As a venture capital corporation with wide networks and access to a continuous deal-flow of promising high-growth, IP-rich, technology focused ventures, our management team is offered with attractive investment opportunities in both traditional industries as well as new emerging areas such as IoT, ICT, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, blockchain, Industries 4.0, and digital payments.

We have considerable experience in managing growth companies and their intellectual property strategies. In the process, we have developed an eco-system for deep technology start-ups, from angel investors, accountants, funders and government authorities involved in deep technology focused start-ups. We have also built associations with many other service providers, such as lawyers, recruiters, accountants, and consultants. Concurrently, we spend time with the research universities that continuously give us early visibility to new opportunities.

We are capable to identify, nurture, and harvest strong technology companies with superior management that can lead to excellent returns for our limited partners. Therefore, we plan to focus with our strengths, i.e. to invest in deep technology focused start-ups which have unique proprietary advantages or intellectual property rights in any abovementioned sectors that form part of their business activities.

We have extensive experience in assisting companies to achieve successful liquidity events— our key principals are themselves experts in multinational exit management who are experienced in identifying and preparing portfolio companies in emerging boards around the world for the listing activities—

1. the Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) market and the Access, Certainty, Efficiency (ACE) market in Malaysia;

2. the Singapore Exchange Catalist (SGX Catalist) market in Singapore;

3. the Taipei Exchange (TPEX) market in Taiwan; the Canadian Security Exchange (CSE) market in Canada;

4. the Over-the-counter (OTC) markets such as the OTCQX market, the OTCQB market, and the Pink Sheets;

and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) market.

We have historically sought to fully realize the value of companies by identifying the exit opportunity that maximizes the current value of the investment, as well as the growth potential still inherent in the enterprise. The timing and likelihood of an exit event will vary based upon a company’s specific performance in relation to its plan and upon financial market conditions. We seek a minimum of 10 times increase on our original funding of the companies and we target to assist our portfolio start-ups to exit at the venture capital level.

To keep the program thriving, having a passionate program director with excellent communication and organization skills remains crucial. The program will be led by Mr. John Gan. We are also fully aware that continued commitment needs to come from various people, such as managers, start-up entrepreneurs, external stakeholders, partners, and our global and expanding mentorship network, to ensure new faces and fresh ideas help the program stay exciting and keep people engaged and committed. Essentially, our mentors and advisors network structure would be built on three big pillars as the network foundation: namely the technical support pillar, the managerial or organizational support pillar, and the entrepreneurship building or marketing support pillar.

Program Director

As the key leader for the AIPO Deep Tech program, Mr. John Gan, has over 35 years of international hands-on experience working in the Financial Services industry. John has held senior leadership positions across multiple sectors including investment banking, money markets, foreign exchange, insurance and capital markets. He was a corporate executive and senior officer for several multinational companies, including as Asia’s Head of Agency Development for global insurer Allianz, where he was responsible for eight countries and 50,000 sales agents. Throughout his career, he has acquired a wealth of experience and expertise while achieving milestones and success for his companies, with rich international management and leadership skills and global perspective on money, finance and investment.

Similarly, it is equally important to monitor, track and measure the results of the program against the program objectives. We have developed a set of strategic key metrics for measurement and improvement which would form an ongoing part of the AIPO Deep Tech mentorship program. For example, one of the heavy bearing factors for our quantifiable key metrics and success indicators would be whether our young entrepreneur candidates, provided with the access to a wide breadth of resources and mentorship, could survive the valley of death and navigate through the road and achieve a successful product commercialization event by the end of their first six months of joining the program.

Central to John’s belief and investment philosophy is that investment is ultimately an art—

“Essential to the core is the entrepreneurs who will always be determined in achieving success. It is also our belief that there are always key patterns of success that we can trace for in identifying these hidden gems and investment opportunities.”

The Mentors

Contact us

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AIPO Malaysia

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